Weed Eater Round Trimmer Line

This is the stuff that I use to make my needles. Check it out - it's made by Electrolux!

I did a little looking around, and wonders of wonders, it's available at Amazon.com! I love the Internet. Here's a link -Weed Eater Round Trimmer Line

At $5 per package of 61 meters, and assuming that you use about one meter per needle, that's something like 8¢ per needle. Add to this the cost of the dowel - 19¢ per dowel, divided by 3, which is the number of pairs of needles per dowel, or about 6¢ per pair of needles - and your extravagant, homemade needles will run about 14¢ per pair. OK, so maybe you can't get the dowels this inexpensively- maybe in your community, the dowels are $1 each - now your cost is all the way up to about 40¢ per needle. Make some for yourself and for all of your friends! Have a blast!

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