Socks, Socks, and More Socks

So - that first little sock project got me started on the wonderful hobby of knitting socks!

I had a blast knitting slipper socks for Grace, and for me. These are knitted out of Katrina yarn with eyelash trim. The Katrina is stretchy, so it's sort of like wearing little girdles on my feet. Not that I know too much about girdles...

Aren't mine cute? I love the colors. This Katrina yarn is surprisingly durable.

I knitted a pair of slipper socks for Sam, and he really likes them. It took about the same amount of time as knitting a sweater, because they are, well, as BIG AS A SWEATER! lol... These are knitted out of cotton yarn-string, you know, the stuff that's intended for dishcloths. I love the way the stripes popped up - what a surprise!

These are knitted out of Fixation, and I don't like this yarn too much. I especially don't like the variegated portion - it looks muddy. This yarn was so stretchy that it was difficult to knit a consistent gauge, and they also came out rather thick. I copied the pattern, which I think is known as "pennant pleating," from a pair of store bought socks.

Here is a pair out of Lion Brand stripes. I *really* like this yarn. I knitted these socks while on vacation in South Dakota's Black Hills, so these socks have memories as an added bonus. I made them sort of opposites - see how the purple stripes line up, but the black stripe on one sock lines up with the blue stripe on the other sock? I used two balls of yarn, and started from opposite ends of the ball. Amazingly enough, it was very easy to make the stripes line up. The heels are peasant heels, knitted after the rest of the sock was finished.

My knitting buddy gives his mark of approval. He chews his Nylabone, while I knit. It's good to have a hobby.

I don't like these red socks *at all.* I hate everything about them. I hate the feel of the yarn, which is superwash merino. I hate the way the vareigations look - this yarn was very pretty in the skein, but yucky in the final product. As an aside, I discovered that I don't particularly like variegated yarn... I especially hate the way that they feel - sort of plasticky, and oddly limp. Yuck. I tried new heels, so the project wasn't a complete bust, at least I learned something. Notice that one heel looks like a little hat - with a multiple lines of decrease. This was so easy to knit, and I like the look. The other sock has a more traditional appearance. They feel the same on my feet. Knitted in the afterthought heel method.

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