Dana's Clogs

So... I'm starting to feel like a real-live knitter by this time. I've knitted a couple of baby hats, a baby sweater, some socks.... what else? Then, I learned about...felting. This sounds like fun! So, I bought the FiberTrends Clog pattern, the appropriate yarn, and off I go.

These clogs are for my friend, Dana, and I knitted them about a year ago. She watched me knit these clogs, always knowing that they were for her, and I have to admit that she was openly skeptical. Well, who wouldn't be. I mean, Dana has perfectly lady-like feet, after all. When I finished, I invited her over for a shrinking-the-slippers-party, so - down we go to the laundry room. Let me just say right now that my laundry room is not exactly equipped for any sort of party, but we persevered. We shrunk and felted until the slippers were just right. This project took place in my pre-digital-camera days, so I don't have the cool before and after photos, but you can see the final slipper on an outline of the pre-felted one. It always amazes me...

Lately, I hear that Dana has worn a hole in her slippers. Maybe the faintest of hints has been dropped... So, do I knit her another pair, or do I teach her to fish? lol

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