Not very impressive....No Wait... Very Impressive!

Some of us want to make an impression, and some of us just want to make yarn, lol.

Meet my new favorite spindle - a stick with an empty spool of Beading Elastic, and a hook. I wound a little bit of wire onto the spool, for a little added weight, but I don't know if it's necessary or not. This little doozey spins like crazy! I spun a little bit, then Navajo plied back onto this same spindle. It passed both tests. Yey! A new spindle!!! (click the pic for a larger view)

I've also just discovered that my cutie-pie little camera has a manual setting, so that I can tone down that overwhelming flash! I can set whatever f-stop I want (very, very limited selection) and I can set whatever shutter speed I want (lots of selections), and I can choose between a bright and a REALLY bright flash. For months I've just been complaining about it, never once questioning the little "M" on the control dial. Duh... Maybe I shouldn't admit to that...In the next few days, I'll probably update the pix in the home-made circular post - those washed out pix really bug me. This is what prompted me to try to solve this problem. Necessity is the mother of learning something new! *smile*


Lisa said...

Very smart! I love my CD spindle the best too. Just goes to show ya that sometimes our homemade spindles ARE the best.

Rosemary said...

Thanks, Lisa! Yes, I like my CD spindle too. I needed something a bit lighter, so this is what I came up with. I'm a happy camper!