Because Fleegle Asked...

Dear Fleegle,

Ask and you shall recieve. 

Here are more detailed instructions for the PseudoRolag technique.

More Pseudorolags!

Hello again!

It was so much fun to see our article in print! Thanks, everyone, for your kind words - Susan and I had lots of fun writing that article, and we are so happy that you like it!

There's a little more to the story, and I'd like to share. The sock which is pictured in the article, On a Roll With Pseudorolags, is one of a pair of fraternal twins. The one which made it into the magazine is the Mild Twin, and let me introduce the Wild Twin.

I had so much fun spinning this pair of socks.

Mushroom Helix

A while back, there was a call for entries on the Spin Off site, and since I fell in love with the scarf in question, I thought I'd enter. Why not? The worst that could happen is that my scarf wouldn't be selected, but I'd still have a nice scarf, yes?

Well, it DID get selected! WOOT! You can follow this link, Handspun Gallery of Helix Scarves, and see all of the others, too.  I did the wrap-and-turn differently from the original pattern, and maybe you'd like to read about it.