Sweater for Baby Rhys

I knitted this little sweater out of an acrylic yarn - wonderful, tropical colors - perfectly horrid texture. It is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise. It was fun, but rather annoying to knit, because it was so hard to figure out where I was in the pattern. Only after I was completely finished with the whole project, did I discover that there exists a nice cheat sheet, made especially for this project! If you want to knit it, I suggest that you print out this cheat sheet - - Baby Surprise Notes , on Dawn Adcock's site. By the way, you really should cruise around in Dawn's site - it's a great site with all sorts of wonderful information, and great ideas. Check out her knitted Baseball Pitching/Batting net on her General Knitting page. Check out those home-made circs!!! Those home-made circs got me thinking.... anyway, that's the matter of another post!

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