More Cheap, Unattractive, Plastic Fiber Tools

While we are on the subject, I thought that you'd like to see my Niddy Noddy and my Nostepinde. The Niddy Noddy represents about $3.50 in PVC parts, and the Nostepinde was totally free, after the chile powder was used up, that is. It is the perfect Noste. I stick the end of the yarn in the little door, and wind away. I make perfect yarn balls (see below) so you snobs can cluck your tongues all you want! I discovered that my Noste also makes the perfect support for my K'Nex spindles, so I don't have to haul that coffee cup all over town, lol.

The PVC pipe is practically free, it's the little joints and end caps which are costly - well, relatively speaking, that is. So, I had the hardware store man cut (Yes! He cut them for me! What a nice man!) these lengths, which wind a yard skein, and he also cut a longer center piece, as well as 4 longer arms, so that I can wind a two yard skein. Nothing is glued together, and I just swap out the parts. Sometimes, I use the center part as a Noste too, and I clip the yarn end into place with an end cap. Everything comes apart, so it takes up no room in my spinning bag. It works beautifully.

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April said...

I love it! I have a PVC Noddy as well and am wanting to make a swift and yarn blocker out of the stuff. I just have to figure out a "parts lists". lol. I love the fact that I can disassemble it and pack them away when not in use and the $$ saved in making them myself! Good job!

Rosemary said...

When you get the swift and the blocker figured out, will you please let the rest of us know?

I love this stuff. I get to make the tools I need, and have $$$ left over for the important stuff - FIBER!

meg said...

Hm, now I have to go to the Home Despot and see if I can find some cute little caps for my pvc niddy, too! Brilliant!

Rosemary said...

Home Despot, snicker....

I don't darken their doors, but much prefer my local, independant hardware store. The selection far less, but the customer service MORE than makes up for it. I can live without most of what the Despot offers, anyway.

The little caps hide the cut edges which can be very rough and can cut those of us who are less than graceful. As it is, I whack myself with them quite regularly, but at least they don't draw blood.