Grace Sews, too!

Teenagers and their cute purses! Grace designed and sewed this purse, and it's just too cute!

Cute little side pockets, and red embroidery trim.

Hot pink lining complete with cell phone pocket. In fact, I think that it was the cell phone which precipitated the whole project. She used a bandana for the lining, and left-over denim fabric from when I re-covered the playroom sofa for the purse itself. Good Job! (She tested it - it's large enough for a book. Whew!) Posted by Picasa


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

CUTE! Very nice, Grace!

Carol said...

I'm very impressed! What a great job she did!

Angela said...

I see a clothing designer in your future. What a sweet looking girl!
Love the purse!

Kathie said...

That is a very cool bag. I'm impressed! I love the idea of a bandana for a lining.

wendi said...

Grace's bag is NICE! Good job!