It worked!

It worked just fine! Gosh, this plying bracelet is too cool! Who invented this Andean plying method, eh? Someone who was really thinking, that’s who!

The only problem with my Brio Mec Plying Paddle is that the plying bracelet was too small to actually get over my hand, until I had plied half of it. I had to hold it across my palm, and that was going to be nice and sweaty before long. I was happy when I could slip it over my hand and ply in the proper, Andean way.

I have trouble, however. I don't think I plied it enough. I plied until it backtwisted a little bit. I know that this isn't the proper term - one can ply until it still twists in the unplied direction, continue plying until the yarn hangs with no twist at all - the so-called "balanced ply" which is never really balanced for me - and continue twisting until it twists in the other direction. I've been doing it this way, overplying just a bit, and then, after washing, it hangs perfect. Well... I washed it, and my little skein broke out in boucle's!

Help! Is there a fix?


I also made a little Lazy Kate doohickey for unwinding my plied skein onto the niddy noddy.

What do you folks out there with no building toys do when you need to spin up a quick skein? *smile*


Leah said...

before you start plying, take 10-12" of the single and tie the 2 ends together and drop it in some hot water. It'll ply to itself as balanced. Then use that as a guide as you're plying the rest.
for non-building-toy supplies, I use my hand for andean plying and as a nostepinde, and I hang my full spindles from a fish-hook swivel that's clipped to a wire shelf - the swivel lets the spindle spin as I ply or wind off the cop. Barbara Clorite's video/dvd 'Plying around the world' has some other ideas to for using 'regular stuff' as fiber tools.

The Purloined Letter said...

You are so clever and creative! My spinning 7yo will be SO impressed with these!