There IS a Spinning Fairy!

And she passed by my house! I'm the luckiest spinner on earth!!!

Take a look at the goodies which she left for me....

A nice big wad of cotton punis...

My girls have had so much fun with the newspaper that it's wrapped in!

A nice big wad of.... *swoon*..... cashmere.....

Two completely beautiful spindles, and three completely beautiful spindle dishes -

- one is a Swarovski cyrstal in a beautiful deep golden color, with a matching salt cellar dish,

and the other spindle has these three lovely greeny bluey browney beads, with a matching dish.

Both of them spin like dervishes - really REALLY fast, but the crystal one just zips like you wouldn't believe.  I love them so much.  The wooden dish was turned by my friend, and actually, I think that I like it the best.

Here is a quick little video to fuel your creative juices -

(That's a little bit of merino on the spindles - I want to get used to them before I spin the cashmere and the cotton.)

Wait, there's more!

Cute, colorful bookmarks to keep my place in my favorite spining books, and a darling little pair of knitting needles IN MY MOST FAVORITE SIZE HOW DID SHE KNOW?

A way too cute cup coaster -

check out these guys, look at their little googley eyes!

Look at the darling little thatched roofs and the stone fences!

She picked up this coaster on a recent trip to Scotland.  I love it.   I want to go there and see these sheep and these houses and these walls.

She also sent a magazine article which talks about a bridge project in my home town.  I really appreciate this, too!

I'm such a very lucky woman to have such a good friend!  Thanks, Susan!!!


Susan said...

My dear friend, you are most welcome. I've since discovered that your glasses don't sweat. Hah! Perhaps you can turn the coaster into a spindle whorl!


Spundun said...

How lovely - Susan sounds like a wonderful friend.

I am going to have to hunt down those coasters!

fleegle said...

Fleegle waves to the Spinning Fairy, who dropped a bag of nepps on her head and flew off.


You have all the luck, Rosemary! Wonderful stuff!

Sandy said...

Wonderful! Made my heart smile.

Mary said...

I adore that coaster, and think the image on it would be wonderfully duplicated on one of the necklaces in this etsy shop: I've been looking at them for a little while, and hoping she'd make a sheepy one. Perhaps that coaster could be the inspiration!