A public service announcement re: audio recordings in videos

A friend who knows me in person was wondering why it sounds like I'm lisping in my latest video, when in fact, I don't lisp.  Her husband is an audio expert, and he explained it perfectly.  So, to expand the general knowledge in the universe, or at least in the blogosphere, here's the problem and the cure.

Ben says that I was standing too far away from the microphone, which is built into the camera.  He says that high frequency sounds, the "s" sound in my case, is being picked up better than the lower tones, so all you hear is the hissing "s" sound, and that the further you get from the mike, the worse the problem.  He says that this problem is exacerbated when recording outdoors.  Two strikes against me - too far from the mike and outdoor recording.

There you go.  Problem identified and problem solved.  I love it when this happens.  Thanks Ben!  Thanks Karen!

This is great news because I have plans on doing a couple more videos in the coming months.  My kids have a nice recording device, so maybe I can put them on the job as my audio engineers, heh.


Susan said...

Interesting explanation. I rather liked the sound of your esses, though. When we meet in person, or perhaps in your next video, I'll hear the real Rosemary.

Sara said...

Aha! I, too, seem to lisp in my videos. I don't think I lisp. Thanks for the info!