Emma's "Jayne Hat"

My 13yo daughter designed and knitted this hat - it's a Jayne Hat, which is from a television program called Firefly.

In the television program, Jayne Cobb's mother knits a hat and sends it to him. It's a pretty goofy hat - not very well knitted, and made out of some rather garish colors. Jayne exclaims, "Pretty Cunnin', doncha think?" So, my daughter refers to this as her Cunnin' hat.

It's supposed to have the strings hanging - this is not a failure-to-work-in-the-ends, heh heh heh.

"Man walks down the street, wearing a hat like that, you know he ain't afraid of anything!"

Long Live Jayne!


Jennifer said...

Very cute.
Kudos to her for even trying!
Ends or no, she looks cunning!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Emma. But, wow...those colors. :O

What do the girls think of legwarmers (like thigh high)? I am thinking I might wear them, but the 80s PTSD is holding me back a little. Would it be hip or just square? ;)