Spring Sky

Some friends and I had a bead party at a local bead store - Frani's Beads. Frani did a wonderful job of hosting the party, and she guided us in our choice of projects - either a bracelet or an eyeglass tether. As you can see, I picked the bracelet project. It's very simple - three separate strands of beads, connected to a decorative hook and eye, and you twist the bracelet before hooking the hook. That's it! Couldn't be easier.

Since I have no imagination whatsoever, I simply looked out the window for inspiration. Across the parking lot from Frani's, I saw the bright green of the new leaves on the trees, and the blue sky, and the white and grey clouds and Eureka! There is my project!

The white beads which Frani helped me choose are somewhat irridescent, just like real clouds - how cool is that? I combined these white beads with some small grey beads, and I think that the effect is very cloudlike, lol.

This is fiber related because, as you can see, the beads are spun, lol. Or are they plied? Hmmm...

This was a fun project! I just love my Spring Sky bracelet! I'm already planning my Summer, Fall and Winter bracelets. I can hardly wait.

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Luni said...

Very pretty, and my favorite colors, too! I love beads, and I find I can be mesmerized by staring at a single bead if it is pretty enough.
I'm making this comment with my new identity to invite you to my new knitting blog, 3 Sleeves to the wind.
(I'm Susan, the one who made the yarn swift from the umbrella stand; I contacted you last year when I moved to Colorado.)
My new blog is http://3sleeves.blogspot.com/
Also, consider yourself tagged; the rules are in my blog, but all that is just subterfuge for letting you know where I'll be blogging about my knitting now.