A couple of finished items

Gosh, it seems like all I do is start projects with out finishing any of them. Someone once told me that I have lots of initiative, but very little finishitive... ouch.

Well, this is to show that every now and then, I do finish my projects!

Here are a couple of shots of my green socks. Not only have I finished them (a vert long time ago, actually) but I've actually cast on for another pair. I just love this Red Heart Wool - see the post "Mod Socks" down below for more information.

I knitted these with the Dragon Skin Pattern, only it hardly shows up due to the variagation. This is OK with me, as it was an experiment, and it worked out very well! If you compare the front of the sock to the back of the sock, you'll see that the dragon scales are much larger on the back of the sock. I added more increases to the back so that the socks would be larger near the top, to accomodate my calves. This worked out very well, and I'm extremely happy. Yay! It was easy to do, too. I discovered something - its very difficult to take a photo of the back of your own leg, lol. These socks are pulled up very high, in order to show the stitches - they don't fit this tightly in real life.

Here you see my nice, clean skein of Lincoln. It came out very nice, and I'm a happy spinster.

Isn't that a nice touch that the yarn and the concrete on my front porch are the exact same color? lol.

That trip to the alpaca farm got me re-interested in spinning. So, YES, I've started another spinning project. I bought some roving in Red, Pink and Yellow, and I'm spinning striped yarn. Well... that's the plan, anyway. I'm hoping to andean ply it and have it come out with the red matching up with the red, and the yellow matching up with the yellow and so forth, but I want for there to be some barberpoling in there, too. Think I can do it? Hmmm... we'll see. I've spun almost all of one sock's worth - while listening to the Eyre Affair - what a cute book! Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my spinning progress. I can't wait to get plying, just to see if it works!


Pensguys said...

Those socks are neat!!!!! Love the color!

Your yarn looks great! Good job!

knittgirlcolorado said...

The gray yarn looks so incredibly beautiful and soft!! Awesome!!