Knit Night!!!

Emily is such a dear - she has a knit night at her store, Colorado Fiber Arts! Oh my, we do have fun! Its great to see what everyone is up to.

Here you see some of the regulars - you know Grace, in the front, and do you remember Annette, in the back, in a white sweater? This is the lady who learned how to spin merino on a drop spindle, while on a hike and she learned to spin in 2 minutes flat. Now, she's picked up sock knitting. Yes, she just picked it up and is cranking out socks right and left. I studied and swatched for weeks to learn how to knit a sock, but not Annette - she's a quick study for sure! This "learn some complicated new process in two minutes flat" thing seems to be a habit of hers.

This blog entry marks the first time that all three of my children are in a blog post - oh, wait, no, that happened back on the mountain.... Anyway, you see Sam in the baseball hat, and Emma in the pink pullover and you all know Grace. Annette's children are in the black tee shirt and the green pullover. A handsomer bunch of kids would be hard to find, don't you think? They are studious, courteous and hardworking. Annette and I think so, at least.

Emily's store is right across the street from the public library, and the kids just wandered over after a teen function. Not only does Emily have all the yarn one could ask for, and not only does she offer all sorts of neat classes, and not only does she host a Knit Night, but gosh, she put her store right across from the public library! How cool is that!

To top it all off - she serves chocolate at knit night.

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Pensguys said...

Sounds like such fun! ZooMom and I have been having our own little Knit Night