Grace's MiniSweater

Grace finished her sweater - it took her no time at all! She made this to wear to ballet, but it came out too cute to wear only in the Ballet Barre. Here is a link to the pattern Minisweater.

Grace made a couple of changes - she eliminated the poofy sleeves, and she made her sleeves long with a bell at the end. Completely darling! Also, she knitted long ties onto the bottom band, and the ties are long enough to wrap all the way around so that she can tie it in the back, or in the front.

Actually, this band is not knitted as per the Minisweater directions, but like this - knit to the bottom of the sweater, before the bottom band starts, and set the sweater aside - still on the needles, or on a stitch holder. With another ball of yarn, and another pair of needles, cast on 5, and knit in garter stitch until you are completely goggly eyed, or until the band is about 40 inches long, whichever comes first. Then, knit onto the bottom of the sweater, as if you are knitting on a border. When you go all the way around the sweater, you are back to knitting a 40 inch long band onto the other side. Cast off and you are done. Grace knitted a buttonhole under one arm, to keep the band in place.

Here, you see the back of Grace, and the side of Emily, my new yarn mistress. You also see a pair of the most uncooperative models in the history of blogging, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves!!! You also see one of Emily's completely darling needle-felted animals - her dog. Ooooohhh... it is too cute! In the very top picture, you can see Emily's sheep on the other side of the pedestal - it's white and black and is holding a flower in its mouth. That Emily makes the best needle felted sculptures! I'll post more in the future. She teaches classes, too.

Also - Grace's sweater isn't see through - it's that flash-thing. This is the reason why you should always wear a black bra with a black top - you never know when someone will be ready to snap your picture, lol.

Stats on the sweater -

Pattern - Glampyre Minisweater, knitted to gauge, with modifications as listed above.

Yarn - Plymouth Encore, Navy Blue

Needles - home-made circs approx size 9.

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Pensguys said...

LOVE the sweater, Grace!