Log Cabin afghan, continued

I’ll get to the Log Cabins in a minute. First, let’s consider the completion of my mitered square –

Finished! I like it! If I ever say that I want to do an entire mitered square blanket, with no cast ons and no cast offs - - would one of you please run to my house and put a cold wet rag on my forehead and hold my hand until the fever passes? I’m sure that I would lose what’s left of my mind, but here’s proof that it can be done!

You know…

On second thought…

Imagine if the stripes were asymmetric with respect to each other – you know, that they didn’t line up with each other - and maybe some wide stripes, set off by single-ridge stripes… hmmm… maybe so... What do you think? Oh no – wait – wait – Imagine if the stripes were of different widths, and some were stockinette and some garter and maybe even some in different seed stitch patterns. Oh, yes, it’s all coming together now.

I should have taken a picture of all of those yarn strands all in a big huge scrambled tangle and then I would have NO second thoughts, eh? Let me tell you – this square was a pain in the neck! But…

Another Log Cabin Square, in a similar design to my favorite square, which is seen in the photo below.

Now… an entire blanket in this style is a definite possibility! Just imagine the possibilities! I have a few other squares waiting to be washed, blocked, photoed and blogged, but I think that all subsequent blocks will be on this square-bullseye design. I love the crisp corners most of all! Yes, more of these to come!


Pensguys said...

Shew! Glad that fever passed! I was worried I would be having to come out there! LOL

Carolyn said...

Yes, pictures of tangles can be a salutory deterrent. I know ... why don't you frog the swatch back to that point, take a picture, and then finish it! That would be a double immunization!

Then again, it would be fun to come on out.

What about doing an Around The World Quilt in this style? You know, with multiple knitters? One for each side?

:) Carolyn

Rosemary said...

Penny and Carolyn, you are the best! I know that I can count on you two to mind me through my fever... lol.

Carolyn, isn't a shame that we can't knit an Around The World project online? However, I wouldn't pick this project... BUT - that cool triangle shawl in that shawl book (I can't remember the name of the book!) - now, that would be fun!

Abigale said...

One variation of the Log Cabin that I haven't seen you do (yet) is if you use 3 colours and then keep repeating those three colours in sequence it gives you a spiral pattern.... I just tried it in Excel - it's pretty cool.

Oh - and have you tried the Off-center variation? Pics of that on my blog if you're interested.

Have fun! I love love love log cabins! Though I haven't touched mine in a couple of weeks.