Un Sospiro - Grace Thomas

Number 3 in D flat major - Un Sospiro by Franz Liszt

PianoKnitterGirl is at it again!  My daughter, Grace, is currently studying at the Lamont School of Music, Summer Pre-College Academy.  She was selected to perform in their Honors Recital, which was held last night, in the Hamilton Recital hall in the Newman Center of the Performing Arts.  Oh My Gosh, what a facility!  She will perform with her Chamber Ensemble tonight, July 2, in the same location, 7:30 pm, in case anyone is up for an evening of a variety of chamber groups.  Join us!  I'll be the one who is grinning like an idiot, possibly knitting.

Their final big blowout performance will be held on Saturday at 1:30 in the Gates Hall which is quite a stunning performance hall.  Grace will be performing again, with a woodwinds ensemble, I think - not sure.  This event will feature an all-school choir, a number of large ensemble groups, and an orchestra.  It should be perfectly delightful.

All of these performances are free, and open to the public.

If you know of any high-school-age student, who is serious about music, please direct them to the Lamont Pre College program.  Grace attended last year, and again this year.  She just loves it, and she has never worked so hard in her entire life.  Kids attend from all over the country.  They study music from dawn to dusk, and they really grow as musicians.  It's worth every penny.


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How wonderful!!! Congratulations.