Cute Pumpkin set for Baby J

I can't remember when I've had so much fun knitting something. Domino can't remember when he's had quite this much fun, either. Patient cat.

Take a look at these booties -

-they are so cute. These are Christina's booties, and they're easy to knit. The tie is ended with "Just a Leaf," a pattern that I found on Ravelry. I see lots of "Just a Leaf" projects in my future. These leaves are a snap to knit, and so fast and easy.

The little slipper and hat set comes from this flickr page. I used "Just a leaf" instead of the leaf recommended in the slipper modifications. You could actually do the icord as an applied i cord, but since it's not much sewing, I chose to just sew it on. I provisionally cast on and knit the i-cord, ending with Just a Leaf. Then, I picked up the provisional stitches and knit the other half of the i-cord, once again, ending with Just a Leaf. I used the tails at the middle and at the tip of each leaf to sew everything to the slipper. Fast and easy!

This little set is for a great niece who was born on my birthday! Woot! I turned 50 and she turned just-born on the same day (Oct 22)! I am quite amused by this.


fleegle said...

Utterly and completely charming! I saved all the bits to make up at some point. Thanks so much for all the references!

Katie K said...

I concur with Fleegle. Love the leaves and ensemble. I remember seeing the bootie pattern in Threads. It was a great magazine and a sad day when they stopped publishing knitting in it. But I still have all my copies from before. Thanks.

Pensguys said...


Love the kitty too! I did that to my cat once! LOL

Cynthia said...

So darling! And the leaf ties really make the whole outfit special.

MaryMary86 said...

That cat is glaring at the camera!! Love the knitting and I'm so glad you are back!!

Shepherd's Loft said...

So Cute Pumpkin Wear! Thanks for sharing the Cat in the Hat photo.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

That Pumpkins Set is adorable.
Love the little leaf tie.