I love Colorado!

So, here it is, November 11, and it was a beautiful, warm day. I raced through my day's requirements,

because I have been anxious to wash more of Sierra's fleece.

I pulled everything outside and got straight to work.

Last Thursday, October 29, was rainy and snowy and so cold that my furnace ran, non stop, which means that the house never made it up to 65F, where I have my thermostat set. Today? Look! I'm out in the yard, barefoot. It was a beautiful day.

Gosh, how I love Colorado.

Hubby heard on the news that it's supposed to be up to 80F tomorrow. Yay! Maybe I'll wash a bunch more. I hate messing with unwashed fleece in the house, so I really count on being able to do this outside. I want to have a nice, large lot of it washed because, while it's beautiful today who knows what next week will bring. I doubt that we'll have many more warm days like today for a long while. Well, except for tomorrow.


fleegle said...

Nice feet! Georgia weather is like that too. HOt one dya, cold the next. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Weather!

Sandy said...

Oh my girl's lovely fleece.... She is almost that long again. (waves hi to aunt Rosemary)
The weather is crazy. Yesterday there were lilac blooms on the desk at the library! Someone needs to tell mother nature that it is November! Good luck with the rest of the washing.

Rosemary said...

Hey Fleegle, yes, I love ADD weather, and it's a good thing as we really have it!

Hey Sandy- I'm just taking a breather from washing another batch of Sierra's wonderful fleece. It washes up so beautifully - I can't figure out how it looks metallic, but it sure does. If her fleece is that long now, then do you shear her twice a year? Tell her that Aunty Rosemary is very happy with her output, and to keep up the good work!