Handy PVC dpn case

Look at what my darling husband made for me, a couple of weeks ago -

One end has a dot -

The other end - no dot - you'll see why in just a minute -

The end with the dot is the "free end" and this cap pulls off and there are some of my small dpns. This is a fantastic case! I put a little bit of foam in the cap to keep the dpns from rattling around so much.

The foam is just wedged into the cap - no need for glue. It looks like the foam is nice and circular, but actually, it's quite crudely cut. It looks round because I just pulled it out from the cap and it hasn't had time yet to go back to it's rather angular shape. It works just fine, though. No rattle.

My darling husband cut the pipe to such exacting specifications - the dpns fit perfectly. There is also a bit of green foam in the other cap, so the longer dpns are held rather still with this arrangement.

See all that I have stuffed in there! Believe it or not, there's room for more. I have quite a few sets of sock dpns, a set of larger dpns, and a random assortment of small crochet hooks in this tidy little case.

Do you see these little beauties?

Last year, my darling son took a jewelry making class at the local community college. He completed all of his assignments and he had two days of class time left, and a bit of silver left over, so he made me a set of Sterling Silver Double Pointed Sock Knitting Needles!!!

Be still, my heart!

He made them exactly how I like them - US0, 4.25 inches long, and stilletto pointy. He pulled the silver through a plate, ground the points and smashed the little flat parts on the needles on one day, and then he was going to return to school on the next day to carve his initials on one side of the needle, and my initials on the other, on the little flat parts.

On his way to school that day, he fell off of his bicycle and broke his collarbone! On his dominant side! So, he wasn't able to carve the initials. Then, school was over, and he no longer had access to the jewelry lab. Maybe later... Anyway, initials or no initials, I just love these little needles! I used them to knit the Trekking to Taos socks, and another pair (not yet blogged) and I'm proud to announce that these are the best sock needles ever made! I'm a lucky mama! They've gotten really shiny from use. I really love these needles!!!

What's also something special is that these needles, along with lots of jewelry for his class, were made out of some sterling ice-cream cups which belonged to my mother. No one liked the ice cream cups, but sterling silver is sterling silver, so handsome son was able to use them for his class. He made lots of jewelry out of those cups, including my dpn jewelry!

Something else which might interest you - I put a length of plain old aquarium tubing on my crochet hook - it makes it easier to use. Try it.

So, that's it! Hubby started out with a foot of pvc pipe - the smallest amount that the hardware store would sell to him. He came home and cut the pipe just a little longer then my longest needles. Then, with his superhuman strength, he really wedged one end cap into place - that thing isn't going anywhere! It's on there really tight! I jammed a bit of green foam down into that cap, and then jammed a bit into the other cap - the one marked with a dot. This is so that I know which cap is the movable one, and which one stays put. This case takes no room at all in my knitting bag, and it's so strong that nothing will happen to my littlest needles.

At least one friend has hinted... you know, gift-giving season is soon upon us... all knitters would like a little needle case... just sayin...



Tina said...

Hi Rosemary, I'm a recent convert to your blog, after finding your excellent directions for making circular needles. I really enjoy your posts. Lucky you, to have such beautiful handcrafted silver needles!

fleegle said...

Wow! Sterling silver needles! I take it they knit beautifully? PVC pipe is most wonderful for all sorts of things, isn't it? Thanks for this Post of Cleverness!

Pensguys said...

VERY cool, Rosemary!!! I'm SO jealous of your sterling silver dpns!!! What a sweet son you have!

pendie said...

How awesome that is. You son sounds like a real sweetie!

Penny said...

swoon. you are one very lucky mother. and i'm happy your son is ok now! (and uhm... if my husband made me a pair of perfect dpns? oh my swoon! he'd get his favourite dinner for a month straight if he wanted.)

lizzzknits said...

I can always count on your blog for some interesting ideas. I would love to have both the needle case and the silver needles. How special your son is.

Rosemary said...

Thanks everyone! Yup, hubby and son are some special guys! They keep me pretty spoiled. It's so nice to have support in my fibery endeavors. And, gosh, how I really love those silver needles. I feel like something out of a fairy tale, "And she knit socks on her silver needles.... " heh heh heh. Rosemary

fleegle said...

Thanks for the complimentx! Honeysuckle is soft and warm, too--hard to take it off. My mother was obviously frightened by a wad of cotton candy while I was on the way :)

grace in VT said...

Dear Rosemary, What a gorgeous set of dpns your son made!! I wanted to share about that tubing you are using on the crochet hook, I am on Oxygen to sleep with , and every week I have to change tubing to prevent infection. I have tons of this tubing. IF you want some let me know! blessings, grace
I am Halalsilks on RAVELRLY