We Won!

Grace and I mopped up at the Colorado State Fair! Check out our pretty ribbons –

Grace won first place and best of show for her skein (click for blog entry about it)

and first place, best of show and superintendent’s choice for her shawl

Notice how her beautiful shawl is oh so casually thrown onto the floor (the dirty floor, ahem!) in such a way that the viewer has no idea as to its shape or size. Sigh.

The nice thing about this contest is that you win pretty ribbons *and* money. Each first place win comes with $15, cash. Well, not exactly cash, they’ll mail out checks next week. So, Grace is $30 richer!

I didn’t do too badly, either. I won first place for my humongous knitted doiley, which you might notice is folded into a lump in order to be displayed,

and I won first place for my skein of bicycle spindle wheel yarn

Yesterday, I collected our items and our ribbons and I made a delightful discovery – my skein also won a non-ribboned prize from the Pikes Peak Weaver’s Guild – they awarded me an additional $25! How cool is that?

It’s fun to take home pretty ribbons.


Carolyn said...

Congratulations! Pretty ribbons are so nice. And the items they are on are prettier!

fleegle said...

Holy cow! Blue ribbons by the pound! Congratulations by the ton!

Shepherd's Loft said...

Congratulations! What fun!

Pensguys said...

Congradulations to both of you!!!! That's great!!!

Sara said...

Congrats! They are all so beautiful! Oh, to answer your earlier question(s), I am doing well in college. I like all of my professors - a couple of the classes are boring, but hey - you're bound to get a few of those during college. I do have way more reading than I'm used to, but it's slowly becoming a habit to *not* procrastinate. I'm doing my first speech in speech class about drop spindles! Yay! I will definitely use your spindle as the visual aid. Oh, and my speech professor told me of a lady out here who owns goats - I am going to have to meet her.
Love the correspondence.

Linda said...

Hi Rosemary.. I have awarded you "I love your blog" award.. Please see my blog for details...lol http://fabricfolliestwo.wordpress.com
I do love your blog.. you inspire me..

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Oh my! This is my first visit to your blog and I have had so much fun trolling through it! What a great blog/resource!

Congratulations on your ribbons! Could you take pictures of the knitted items that really show them off instead of the way the judges folded them up? I'ld love to see them!

What is that incredibly gorgeous rose growing on the side of your porch? It's in the pix with your daughter working on her spindle? I wish my roses looked like that! Any tips to share?

Thanks for sharing!

Morenna said...

Congratulations! You and Grace *rock*!