Grace's Psychedelic Squares

Grace finished her Psychedelic Squares Afghan - isn't it nice? She doubled the yarn throughout, so this is a very THICK and heavy afghan. She still has the ends to work in, but other than that, it's all done! Yay Grace!

I thought that you'd appreciate this picture - Grace settled in for an evening of sewing-up and cats come running from all directions. Typical. LOL


Pensguys said...

THAT looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! VERY cool!

Pat said...

Hi there, I'm Mr. Morel's sister and he emailed me your blog. You do have an interesting life From alpaca's to pipe organs. I've been in an organ but the alpaca's are great.

Luni said...

Wonderful! I know she's proud, and that she will treasure it for years to come.