Denver Art and Pajama Jam!

ANOTHER fibery weekend! Life is so good, and getting better all the time!

My friend, Leslie, invited me to spend the day and the night with her in Denver, and I was thrilled to accept the invitation. We started out our day at the New Denver Art Museum. Leslie is such a tiny, delicate little person - look - she doesn't even come up to the chin of these cows!
But, then again, *everything* is bigger in Denver! lol.

Look at what we found inside of the museum! A man made out of knitting needles! (click for big)

This exhibit really caught my eye - a line of lenses, hanging from strings, in front of a blue chalk line drawn on the wall. I could've stood there for an hour.

Look at how each lens focused the light differently. Way cool.

This is a big museum with oodles of lovely pieces of art, and I won't bore you, but will you please take a look at my favorite, just for a moment?

(Bouguereau - Childhood Idyll - 1900) Ahhh...

Anyway... then we went back to Leslie's house for a bit, then out for a wonderful supper - Thanks Leslie! Thanks Bill! You are the best!

Then - drumroll please - off to the Pajama Jam! Can you believe it - a pajama party at a yarn store. Be still my heart.

I picked up a card with all of the necessary information - give them a visit!

I tell you, I've never seen so many knitters in one place at the same time - ever. We all had a blast. Here are the knitters at "my" table,

...and here are some others.
Knitting has a future! Yay!

The store was packed, and we all had fun. Lots of folks wore their jammies.

See the lady on the far left of the photo, in the light blue, looking right at the camera? That's Bloglessmj and I'm on her blog, lol. (I'm in a black turtleneck.)

So, visit them on the web and in person on the corner of 12th and Madison in Denver. This is an unbelievable yarn store. They have a lovely coffee bar in the store, and every kind of yarn and knitting needles and crochet hooks one could *ever* hope for. It is a beautiful store.

Crista rocks. Thanks all - I had a fantastic evening.

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knittgirlcolorado said...

This looked like it was really fun and it looks like you had a blast!! I'm going to have to go and visit that yarn store!! Any you met blogless mj!! Way cool!!