Goodbye Old Friends


*sniff* It's time we say goodbye.

These were among my first projects. Lovely dishrag-cotton slipper socks with soles made out of a felted sweater. Sniff. These old friends have warmed my feet for how long? 3 years? Something like this. But - take a look! One heel, completely worn through. This is the third or maybe fourth set of soles, but this time, the hole goes through and through - sole, sock and all - and I think that it's beyond redemption. Sigh. The toe on the other foot - worn through and patched last winter, and look at that cuff. If you could hold these in your hands, you'd feel that the whole slipper sock is wasting away to nothingness... completely threadbare. These are almost grey now, and they started out a bright, vibrant variegated yarn. Too many trips through the washing machine. Sigh.

I think that they can live in the back of my sock drawer since I can't bear to throw them in the *gasp!* trash can, where they will be loaded into the back of a *gasp!* trash truck and carted off to the *gasp! gasp! gasp!* Town Dump. NO!

Goodbye old friends.

The good news is that it's time to knit another pair! Yippee! This time - ALL WOOL

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Becky in the Ozarks said...

I have a pair of socks JUST like these. Mind you, different colorway and all, but you get the drift.
I put stiched on a soul last winter as they had worn plum through. Now, I've been looking athem the last week (or has it been a month) and thinking, that I've got to knit another pair to replace them.... but that will have to come after I get these Christmas projects done... and the shawl that I'm trying desperately to finish.

Girl! I feel for you. These were the VERy first socks I ever knitted. I think I knitted them 3 years ago also. Strangely, the colors haven't faded like your pink color way did.

Shall we have a formal burial for them?? For they have served so well!! They have taught me so much about how wool is truly a good friend for cold feet which never seem to warm up on their own. And kept my dh from jumping out of bed when I come in!!