Grace's cute new purse!


Well, she's at it again! Grace designed and knitted this cute little purse out of Plymoth "Encore," a wool/acrylic blend. Isn't it darling? She held two strands of yarn together, to give the purse thickness. Notice her shoes? Notice the trim on the purse? (She also made a pony-tail holder, but it's not in the picture.) Now, isn't this a rather pulled-together outfit??? I forget the name of the yarn trim, but it's from Walmart and maybe it's an eyelash by Bernat? It has a "bird" name... Anyway, it all came together to make a really cute outfit! Best of all - except for the tweety-bird yarn from Walmart and the flipflops, also from Walmart, *everything* else in the photo comes from various thrift stores! I bought a HUGE sack of yarn from the Salvation Army, and in the bag were 12 balls of Encore, in 4 really nice colors, along with all sorts of other wonderful balls of wool - my spider shrug is knitted with wool from this sack-o-yarn, too. What a haul! The pants and the shirt are also from thrift stores.

My little girlie is a devoted thrift store shopper. Want to know the reason why? Look in her purse, and you'll see what she saves her hard earned money for. BOOKS! I can die happy. Posted by Picasa


Katie said...

I love Walmart yarn! Lol. That's a really cute bag and flipflops.

I think the name of the yarn you're thinking of is Bernat Boa. I've used it a bunch and works so well as a pretty trim or scarf or whatever.

connie said...

That is so cool! And I think it's about the knitting speed my granddaughter can handle to make one for herself. My yarn stash, being outlandishly huge, is bound to yield lots of yarn for such a project. Can you give some quick tips on how it's put together? Did she knit a large square, fold it and add the flap?

connie in Kannapolis, NC

Rosemary said...

She knitted it like a giant, pointy sock toe. I think that she started out with something like 3 stitches. When it got as wide as she wanted it, then she stopped increasing, and knit around and around. When it got as tall as she wanted it, she cast off one side, and knitted back and forth on the flap. I think that the Bernat Boa (thanks katie!) is crocheted on. She knitted the body out of Encore, two strands held together for thickness. It would be an awesome felting project, I think.