Frivolous Knitting

This post is dedicated to completely frivolous knitting.

Can you tell what I knitted?

Just what everyone needs, a knitted bike lock-chain cover!  


Please take a moment to admire the awesome bikes.

The blue one is mine, and I bought it way back when I was in college.  I think I bought it in 1979.  Maybe 1978.  I can't imagine how many miles that bike has carried me.  It's a Raleigh Rampar, Mixte, lugged steel frame.  I love it.

The white beauty is a Schwinn Hollywood from 1960.  It belongs to my 16yo daughter, and was one of those serendipitous finds this summer.  

 I think she found it in July?  Maybe June?  We had a wonderful summer, riding together.  She is who took the photos for today's blog entry, actually.  Visit her blog at Cinnamonthicket.

The bikes get along just fine.  Every time we leave them alone, this is what we find - they are snuggling AGAIN.  heh.

Anyway, back to the knitting!  I had this wonderful brightly colored yarn in a super chunky gauge, and I cast on, I think, 8 stitches, on size 10 dpns, and knit a tube.  Then I cast off.   Really, it was as simple as that.  It wasn't all that hard to run the chain through it, which surprised me.

It looks nice, it's eyecatching and a conversation piece, but seriously, it's so darned heavy that I'm seriously considering getting a cable lock.  

It'll be hard to give it up, because it's just so much fun!!!

(a little picnik fun!)

I knitted this tube in a modified version of I-Cord. My version takes three needles - cast on 4 onto each of two needles.  Hold them back to back (so to speak) so that you can join your cast on into a tube.  Knit across one needle, then knit across the other one.  Instead of using 4 or 5 needles to knit a tube, like you would a sock, you just use three needles.  I find that I-cords which are bigger than 4 or at the very most 5 stitches are nuisance filled to knit on two needles, but too few stitches to use the standard tube knitting number of 4 or 5 needles.  Try it!


fleegle said...

Utterly adorable!

Sandy said...

How cool is that! Love it!

Tracy Hudson said...

That is the pinnacle of coolness.